By Dr. Omar Johnson

Drawing from “The Distribution Center’s Guide to Active Shooter Response and Prevention” (2024), this guide underscores the critical importance of preparation and effective response to active shooter scenarios, focusing on key elements such as toughness, grit, and immediate threat response. The author emphasizes fighting for survival as a fundamental principle, especially when escape and barricading options are not viable. Moreover, the guide illuminates the importance of utilizing whatever tools are at one’s disposal for defense and maintaining focus and calm under pressure.

Further elaboration of the book’s advice reveals:

Toughness/Grit: The guide details the crucial mental preparation needed to confront violence with a proactive and violent defense. In extreme situations where escape and hiding are impossible, it advocates for the necessity of preparing to fight back as a critical survival strategy.

Immediate Response: Highlighting the importance of responding swiftly to threats with adequate force to stop an attack and facilitate escape, the guide points out the impact of making quick decisions under pressure on survival chances. This immediate reaction is key to reducing harm and ensuring safety.

Focus: The necessity of keeping one’s focus on the goal of survival is paramount. The guide encourages a steadfast commitment to survival, advising that when confronted with an active shooter, one should act decisively, whether that means running to safety, barricading oneself, or preparing to disarm the attacker.

Throughout, the guide strongly advocates for the ‘Run, Hide, Fight’ strategy, promoting awareness and preparedness as means to significantly improve the outcomes of such unpredictable and volatile situations. By diving deep into these principles, it offers practical advice and strategies for distribution center employees, highlighting the crucial role of active shooter training in bolstering workplace safety and preparedness.

Johnson, O. (2024). The Distribution Center’s Guide to Active Shooter Response and Prevention. Harbinger of Sovereign.

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